Here's a few examples of some of our actual quizzes and some of the various types of questions available.
We change some examples monthly so you can get a regular free quiz workout.

Standard General Knowledge

1. What is the largest active volcano in Europe?
2. What is the name of the forboding island in King Kong? 
3. What is a stonechat?
4.Which chess piece can only move diagonally?
5. Which snooker player was nicknamed Hurricane?
6. What name is given to the Japanese art of paper folding?
7. What name is given to a small pile of stone used as a marker on mountains?
8. In which capital city might you use the DART to travel from A to B?
9. What type of stone makes up the Tors and outcrops of Dartmoor?
10. Who played the title role in the film Edward Scissorhands?
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Connections Sample

1. In the film `Who Framed Roger Rabbit`, what is the first name of Roger`s wife?
2. A Pop star who released the number 1 hit "Hot Right Now and RIP and like bright lippy
3. Who wrote `Frankenstein`?
4. Who sung the theme tune for the Bond film `Goldeneye`?
5. She is a canadian actress who appeared in Baywatch
6. Bill Clinton was in trouble for “not having sexual relations with that woman” – who was that woman?
7. Which actress starred in Speed?
8. What was the name of the Twickenham streaker in 1982
9. Who played Jessica Fletcher in Murder she wrote TV series
10 What is the link (clues = one word first names - a little bit of)

Last one standing T/F - Hands on your head if you think its true...

1. Jensen Button was world champion with McLaren?
2. Charles atlas was born in Italy
3. Dr Who has three hearts?
4. The name of king arthurs spear was Ron
5. Jack Mcvite was nicknamed Jack Hobnob

Tiebreakers or or individual drinks rounds - nearest wins

1.David Morgan of Burford in the UK has the world’s largest collection of traffic cones – how many different cones does he have? 
2. How many times did Sven Goran Eriksson take charge of the England team?
3. In what year was the first McDonalds opened in Beijing China?

Blockbusters I'll have a p bob - All the answers begin with P

1. Which boy never grew up

2. Which Edith was famously knows as “the little sparrow”

3. What singer sang cream and little red corvette 

4. what is the French word for small

5. Pastinassia sativa is the name of which tasy vegitable

6. What is the study of the skull to determine mental capacity

7. what word means softly in musical notation

8. in baseball what position is usually denoted by the letter p

9. What was the 2 word name of the snooker games show

10. Which Dorset river beginning with p rises near Alton Pancras church and flows into poole harbour after passing through puddletown tolpuddle and piddlehinton

Picture rounds Spot the celebrity - various seasonal disguises Dingbats catchphrases etc etc

Specialist  / Topical / Seasonal / inspirational / educational